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Whether you are a long time pet lover or you are new to the world of pets, general pets and general pet information is very important. Whether you need general pet grooming information or just some tips about home care for common house pets, it is essential to get the correct information.

A general pet supply store or online source is a must as your pet will constantly be needed some type of pet supplies. General Pet Supply Inc. is a company that supplies pet products to general pets’ supply stores. Most of the products found on this site can be found for individual purchase on other pet supply websites or in stores that carry general pets’ supplies.

In general, pets need a lot of love and attention, no matter what type of pet you have. Even common freshwater fish are pets and need a lot of attention. Fish tanks need to be cleaned regularly – just how frequently depends on what size tank you have and what types of fish are living in the tank. Some people choose to own fish that help clean the tank so there is not such a pressing need to clean the tank constantly. Other people have special filters that clean the tank automatically. But not matter how the tank is cleaned, the fish still need to be fed and the water must be the right temperature and Ph. The correct statistics for these aspects depend on the type of fish you have.


The most common pet to have is a dog or a cat. Though these are two very different species, they both need a lot more love and physical attention than a fish does. Petting you dog or cat is very important and should be done many times over the course of a day. Cats are better pets for people who are not home a lot versus dogs, which tend to need people around more often. This is because a cat can use a litter box and often cats are more solitary creatures. Dogs are very social and need their owners to let them outside or take them for walks to relieve themselves.

Small pets like rabbits and hamsters are a lot of fun, but again, these animals need a lot of attention, too. Their cages need to be cleaned regularly and they need to be handled every day to help them be social and not hostile. These can be the most time consuming pets to own.

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